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First PACEA Conference in Singapore, 1970

In 1970 NCFI  decided to form a region in the Pacific and East Asia.  It was a pilot region intended to trial a pattern for the way NCFI would function in the future.


Miss Blanche Lindsay a staff worker from NCF Australia who was a member of the NCFI Executive Committee at that time was asked to take up the position of Regional Coordinator.




Nurses Christian Fellowship International

In 1970 she organised and led the first PACEA Conference. It was held at Labrador Villa, the nurses holiday home in Singapore. Twelve countries in the region were represented - Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sabah, Malaysia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and The Philippines.  The conference was a great success and plans were made to continue with outreach and development of the region.

Blanche Lindsay, First PACEA Region Coordinator

On the beach at Pasir Panjang

Labrador Villa, Singapore

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